Produced in 1960 by Golden Records.
Words and music by Paul Parnes, musical direction by Jimmy Carroll,
featuring the voices of Iris Rabinou, Jean Michel, Noel Regny, Michael Stewart, and Gloria Regny.

The cover boldly proclaims that the album, “will teach your children and entertain everyone in the family.” While it’s doubtful that many young people found themselves fluent in conversational French by the end of the album, it does deliver on its promise of entertainment. The songs are charming and catchy, and songs from the album crop up from time to time on independent radio playlists.

The music is minimalist yet atmospheric, suggesting the background of a Paris café with accordion and guitar. The voices lively and engaging, without the saccharine quality endemic to children’s albums. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself humming these later in the day.


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  1. TT says:

    Thanks for your generosity in taking the time to share this.

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