A Christmas Album for the Whole Family – Music & Lyrics by Frank di Silvestro

1.When Mrs. Claus Plays Piano – Denyse St. George
2.Silver Bell, the Heavenly Reindeer – Meg Bussert
3.Toy Heaven – Kristy Graves
4.The Rockefeller Center Tree – Meg Bussert
5.I’m Little Miss Christmas – Meg Bussert
6.I Love Christmas in New York – Meg Bussert
7.Ice Dancing – Meg Bussert
8.Christmas Carousel – Meg Bussert
9.Mrs. Claus Is Special Too – Meg Bussert
10.On Christmas I’ll See Lots of Snow – Meg Bussert
11.Blitzen & the Caribou Fell in Love – Denyse St. George
12.The Christmas Rose – Kristy Graves
13.We Are Children Who Love to Sing – Kristy Graves
14.Sam the Snowman & Flo the Snowwoman – Meg Bussert
15.I Dreamed I was in Christmasland – Denyse St. George


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