English-Language Version:
(1961) American International Pictures / Alta Vista Productions 82 minutes
Executive Producers: James H. Nicholson, Samuel Z. Arkoff
Screenplay: Lou Rusoff, Lee Kresel
Editing: Salvatore Billitteri, Laurette Odney
Music: Les Baxter
Produced by Lou Rusoff
Directed by Lee Kresel
Narrated by Sterling Holloway

voices: Frankie Avalon (Alakazam), Peter Fernandez (Alakazam, uncredited), DeeDee (Dodie Stevens), Sir Quigley Brokenbottom (Jonathan Winters), LuliPopo ( Arnold Stang), Jackie Joseph (Queen Gruesome, uncredited)

Certainly the most popular Japanese animated feature to ever hit the shores of the U.S., ALAKAZAM THE GREAT! enjoyed wide theatrical success with a spiffy new soundtrack by Les Baxter, and dubbing by stars Frankie Avalon, Dodie Stevens, Jonathan Winters, Arnold Stang and Sterling Holloway. In fact, with its Anglo-friendly cast and crew, it seems safe to say that ALAKAZAM was American International’s attempt to jump into the then-hot Kiddie Matinee market. They didn’t attempt this again, save for the aborted 1964 release of the Mexican TOM THUMB (later leased to Childhood Productions in 1967). Other than the occasional pick-up like Roger Corman’s THE MAGIC VOYAGE OF SINBAD, AIP abandoned this supposedly lucrative market, so perhaps the profit margin wasn’t as great as one might think.


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