Bugs Bunny is an American animated character created in 1938 at Leon Schlesinger Productions, later Warner Bros. Cartoons. Bugs is an anthropomorphic gray hare or rabbit and is famous for his flippant, insouciant personality, a pronounced New York accent, and his portrayal as a trickster. He has primarily appeared in animated cartoons, most notably the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of theatrical short films. His popularity there led to his becoming a corporate mascot of the Warner Bros. company. Bugs has appeared in more films than any other cartoon character and is the ninth most portrayed film personality in the world.

According to Bugs Bunny: 50 Years and Only One Grey Hare, Bugs was born on July 27, 1940 in Brooklyn, New York in a warren under Ebbets Field, home of the Brooklyn Dodgers. In reality, he was created by many animators and staff, including Tex Avery, who directed A Wild Hare, Bugs’ debut role, and Robert McKimson, who created the definitive “Bugs Bunny” character design. According to Mel Blanc, the character’s original voice actor, Bugs has a Flatbush accent. Bugs has had numerous catchphrases, the most prominent being a casual “Eh… What’s up, doc?”, usually said while chewing a carrot.

Capitol Records.
(Alan Livingston / Warren Foster)
Mel Blanc (as Bugs Bunny & Yosemite Sam) – 1954

I’m Yosemite Sam the Pirate, and a buccaneer that’s bold
I sail across the seven seas a-lookin’ out for gold
When anyone gives me trouble, I makes him walk the plank
And I watch the perty bubbles come up from where they sank
Ya-ho Ya-ho Ya-ho-ho
Ya-ho Ya-ho Ya-ho
I sail the seas where ever I please
Where ever the tradewinds blow, yo-ho!

Oh, I’m glad that I’m a rabbit beacause I’ve got the habbit
Of chewing carrots all the live-long day!
I don’t like potatoes, I never eat tomatoes
And I never envy horses eating hay
Every morning, noon, and nighttime, for carrots is the right time
My diet may be wrong, but what’s the use?
Although I know I oughter, I even don’t drink water
If I can get a glass of carrot juice!


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