Introduction To Melody

A Toot, Whistle, Plunk, And Boom

B1 Old MacDonald Had A Band
B2 The Bird, The Cricket, And The Willow Tree
B3 Lemon Drop Moon
B4 The Old Iron Horse

Conductor [Music] – Camarata
Music By [Background] – Joseph S. Dubin
Voice Actor [Bertie Birdbrain] – Bill Lee (4)
Voice Actor [Penelope Pinfeathers] – Gloria Wood
Voice Actor [The Owl] – Thurl Ravenscroft


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  1. dquiring40 says:

    Hi there. I couldn’t find a suitable place to leave this not-so specifically related comment, so please forgive me for the random placement attached to this unrelated record above:

    I’m trying to find an old children’s record that I remember borrowing from our public library–it might have been a Canadian product, not sure, maybe released in 70’s or 80’s– and I’m somewhat confident the album was named after one of the featured songs that was about hybrid animals, seems to me there were 4, something like, Elephinocrocrodilligator –I seem to be more confident in my memory that crocodile and alligator were among them. I also remember a song on the album with various singers identifying themselves as different types of trees–I distinctly recall a sad “weeping willow” singer. Anyway, with these few snipets of recollection, I have had no success via google in trying to relocate or identify this album. Does anyone have any leads or recognize anything that I’m describing? Many thanks!

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