Let’s Pretend, created and directed by Nila Mack (1891-1953), was a long-run CBS radio series for children. Mack’s Let’s Pretend began March 24, 1934, running for two decades before the final show on October 23, 1954. Adaptations included classics and fairy tales.The series received numerous awards, including two Peabody Awards, a Women’s National Radio Committee Award and five Radio Daily Awards.In 1970 Telegeneral adapted these stories on vinyl records.

Enchanted frog- Rosenella.

This German tale is an interesting (and at times disturbing…) combination of “Beauty and the Beast” with “The Frog Prince”. From Carl and Theodor Colshorn.
Once upon a time there was a merchant who had three daughters, but his wife was with God. Once he planned a journey across the ocean to a foreign land in order to bring back gold and other valuable things. He consoled his weeping children, saying, “I will bring back something beautiful for you. What do you want?”
The oldest asked for a silk dress, “and it must be made of three kinds of silk.”
The second desired a feathered hat, “and it must have three kinds of feathers.”
The youngest finally said, “Bring me a rose, dear father, and it must be fresh and have three colors.”
The merchant promised to do this, kissed his daughters, and departed.


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