Magilla Gorilla Tells Ogee The Story Of Alice In Wonderland.

Magilla Gorilla was one of the few Hanna-Barbera characters not voiced by Daws Butler or Don Messick. Magilla was voiced by Allan Melvin of Sam The Butcher fame on “The Brady Bunch”.
In this story Ogee brings Magilla Gorilla home from the Pet Shop. To earn the right to stay though Magilla has to be able to babysit Ogee, and have her asleep by the time her parents get home from a show:


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  1. arthur says:

    When you’ve got time the file is missing

  2. boutje777 says:

    Thanks, i will refresh the links from all that you mentioned later today.

  3. James says:

    Just letting you know the file seems to be missing.

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