The delightful original musical comedy special, The Dangerous Christmas Of Red Riding Hood or Oh Wolf, Poor Wolf was presented by General Electric Company on television for the first time on November 28, 1965 on the ABC Television Network.

The Dangerous Christmas Of Red Riding Hood is an adorable TV special brought back from the vaults for us to watch and enjoy. Sure, the print is black and white–and it’s not even good quality black and white; but it’s still quite entertaining if you’re not too picky about it. They should have restored the print more, of course, so this won’t be a five star review.

Of course, the story is essentially the story of Red Riding Hood with a few twists here and there. Naturally the main revision is that now this is a Christmastime tale. Liza Minnelli plays Red Riding Hood; and Cyril Ritchard does a great job as the wolf (that’s Mr. Lone T. Wolf to you). Look also for The Animals to play the wolf’s cronies; and Vic Damone turns in a great performance as a prince turned into a woodchopper by some evil spell.

The action begins with the wolf–in a cage now–telling us he’s going to tell us the “real” version of what happened. Well, little changes–but the story is embellished very nicely with The Animals singing very well and playing their electric guitars. Liza and Cyril dance very well; and the actors playing the woodland creatures perform some wonderful ballet routines during the course of the movie. Naturally, Little Red Riding Hood is saved by the woodchopper hero and everyone (except the wolf) is happy ever after.

1.Overture – Orchestra
2.We Wish the World a Happy Yule – Cyril Ritchard and the Creatures of the Forest
3.My Red Riding Hood – Liza Minnelli
4.Snubbed – Cyril Ritchard
5.Woodman’s Serenade/Granny’s Gulch/Along the Way – Vic Damone and Liza Minnelli
6.I’m Naive – Liza Minnelli
7.Red Riding Hood Improvisation (Ballet) – Orchestra
8.I’m Naive (Reprise) – Cyril Ritchard
9.We’re Gonna Howl Tonight – The Animals
10.Ding-a-Ling Ding-a-Ling – Liza Minnelli and Cyril Ritchard
11.Poor Mouse (Ballet) – Orchestra
12.Granny/Along the Way (Reprise) – Liza Minnelli, Cyril Ritchard, and Vic Damone
13.We Wish the World a Happy Yule – Cast


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