Here they come! They’re riding fast and they’re riding hard! It’s time for action and adventure in the modern West with BOBBY BENSON AND THE B-BAR-B RIDERS! And out in front, astride his golden palomino Amigo, it’s the cowboy kid

Created by Herb Rice, Bobby Benson followed such serials as Jack Armstrong. The later series used character, Tex Mason–the adult sleuth who put the pieces of the puzzle together. Later a spin off series sing-alongs, Songs of the B-Bar-B series was developed.

Back in the good ol’ days, kids wouldn’t come home from school and watch TV. They listened to their favorite adventure shows on WKIC instead. 50 years ago one of the most listened to children’s programs on WKIC was Bobby Benson and the B-Bar-B Riders. The show was heard on the station from 1949 until 1955. Benson outlasted virtually every other kids’ dramatic show including Superman, Green Hornet, Captain Midnight, Sky King, and Straight Arrow.

The B-Bar-B ranch featured: Bobby Benson – “The Cowboy Kid,” Tex, Windy Wales, Harka, and Irish. Don Knotts (who would later go on to TV and movie fame) was then in his mid-20s and was the voice of the old geezer, Windy Wales. The program later was heard on network radio stations across the country.

Artist: Bobby Benson’s B Bar Riders
Title: The story of the golden palomino
Label: Decca-88036


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