Paul T. Gilbert was just over fifty when he began writing and publishing the Bertram stories, but the inspiration was planted years earlier, making up bedtime stories for his two young sons.

Bertram and his Funny Animals and Bertram and his Fabulous Animals, with whimsical illustrations by Minnie H. Rousseff, were the first two to come out, followed by Bertram at the North Pole and Bertram in Africa, which were chapter books rather than stories and were serialized in Child Life. Bertram in Africa, especially, reflects the endemic racism and stereotypes of the time, despite the fact that Gilbert did have a genuine interest in other cultures and people. Anne Stossel illustrated those two and also the last collection to be published, Bertram and his Marvelous Adventures, which came out in 1951.

RCA Victor.
And the baby dinosaur – The flying horse.
Told by Paul Wing.


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