Capitol Records.

BONGO THE CIRCUS BEAR record ’52 Walt Disney, Bozo approved.
Told by Don Wilson.
Adapted by Alan Livingston.
Mysic by Billy May.

Bongo the Circus Bear, the 1952 Walt Disney 78 RPM vinyl record (“Bozo the Capitol Clown approved”; based on the character Bongo created by Sinclair Lewis) narrated by Don Wilson. Note that Bongo the Circus Bear was an animated short shown as part of the 1947 Walt Disney film “Fun and Fancy Free”.


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  1. Patricia Floro says:

    I have a 3 album book of “Bongo, Fun and Fancy Free” narrated by Dinah Shore. produced by Columbia records. I know this set is from the 50’s. Was given to me by my mother who had it in her possession many years . The set # is MJ-41. any chance of finding someone who can appraise this for me. The records are in mint condition.

    • boutje777 says:

      Hello, i hope someone who can appraise it read this and give you the answer, i myself have no idea.
      3 are on Amazon Com offered for 117, 124 and 169 dollars, the last one is in very good condition.
      Maybe that give you some sort of idea what to expect.

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