Decca Records.

The Churkendoose
Narrated by Ray Bolger with music by Alec Wilder
Story and lyrics by Ben Ross-Berenberg
Orchestra conducted by Mitchell Miller

Raymond Wallace “Ray” Bolger (January 10, 1904 – January 15, 1987) was an American entertainer of stage and screen, best known for his portrayal of the Scarecrow and Kansas farmworker Hank in The Wizard of Oz.
In 1946 he returned to MGM for a featured role in The Harvey Girls. Also that year he recorded a children’s album, The Churkendoose, featuring the story of a misfit fowl (“part chicken, turkey, duck, and goose”) who teaches kids that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it all “depends on how you look at things”.


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  1. Greg Castille says:

    Is there a place where a copy of the churkendoose by Ray Bolger on 10″ vinyl or cd can be purchased?

  2. P. M. Oliver says:

    This was the most precious story/record of my childhood in the 50s. Big old 72 rpm Decca record I wore out and memorized every word. From one military base to the next I kept this treasure until I left for college. One day I was heartbroken to find that my entire record collection had been given away while I was at school. To this day I love and remember this story. What a great lesson for anyone to learn early in life. I would love to be able to find a copy.

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