Golden Records.
A musical fantasy about the world’s first guitar playing elephant.

Clyde is an elephant that can play guitar with his trunk. He’s in love with Phyllis, but their love is doomed because Phyllis is an ant. Depressed, Clyde volunteers to be an astronaut and is shot into space where he lands on the moon. At first the Man in the Moon wants to eat Clyde, but after Clyde plays and sings for him, he changes his mind. When he hears Clyde’s tale of woe, he suggests that Clyde and Phyllis live in space together because they’d both be weightless and Clyde couldn’t accidentally crush little Phyllis. So they both live happily ever after in space.

1.Hello! My Name Is Clyde
2.There Was a Zoo
3.The Sad Love Affair of Clyde and Phyllis
4.Poor Old Clyde
5.I’m Off to Cape Kennedy
6.A Tune About the Moon
7.Wake Up Clyde! I’ve Got Good News
8.We’ll Float in Space Together


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  1. yeahiyellsometime says:

    Please someone help me find this recording! It was a cornerstone of my childhood.

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