It’s Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown is the 27th prime-time animated television special based upon the comic strip Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz. The show is presented as an original musical which features parodies of the early 1980s breakdancing craze, the movies Saturday Night Fever and Flashdance, and a number of popular top 40 hit songs of the early 1980s. It has been released to DVD by Warner Home Video as a bonus feature to Snoopy’s Reunion.

The story begins at a big football game where Snoopy wins a game from Peppermint Patty’s team. That night, Snoopy gets out a radio, learns some 80’s dance moves, and becomes Flashbeagle.

That next day, Peppermint Patty gets in a lot of mix-ups in class, including getting her hair caught in her binder (with her report trapped inside). When Patty falls asleep, Marcie drags her up to the front of the room to serve as a visual aid in the class’s study of the human head. Later, during gym class, Patty and her gym instructor, Jostlin’ Joycelyn, lead the other kids in a workout routine to their song “I Am Fit” with music from Joycelyn’s game, “Total Noobie Training.” Charlie Brown, however, gets really exhausted from all that workout.

Charlie Brown and his sister Sally host a party for all the neighborhood kids at the Brown household that night. They have also invited human versions of the Chippettes and the Penguin Band. The kids play a game of Simon Says, which soon turns into “Lucy Says”, sung by Lucy and the Chippettes. Snoopy wins the final round. Sally is fixated on getting Linus, her “Sweet Babboo”, to dance with her, but Linus (as usual) resists.

Meanwhile, Snoopy helps serve fruit punch to the guests, but Charlie Brown discovers to his horror that Snoopy (as well as Woodstock) has been randomly sipping some of the punch glasses through their straws. To make matters worse, Lucy comes by for a drink and takes one of the cups that contain Snoopy’s Dog Germs. Lucy, who is totally unsuspecting of what Snoopy did to her drink, reprimands a grossed-out Charlie Brown for making such strange faces, until finally Charlie Brown can’t take it any more and walks over to the Penguin Band and asks what he should do. So Franky, the acoustic guitarist of the band, tells Charlie that if he really wants to impress the guests, the band would play music to keep the guests happy. Finally, Pig-Pen leads the kids in the country stomp-like “Pig Pen Stomp” with the Penguin Band playing their song, “Flipper Stomper” until it gets too dusty for the guests and they leave. It isn’t long until the Chippettes and the Penguin Band notice the mess.

The next day, Charlie Brown reprimands Snoopy, calling him useless and lazy and informing him that there are other dogs who do a lot more than he does, like herd sheep. That evening, Snoopy dresses up in an outfit inspired by Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical” look: headband, sweats, and so on; for the big moment, the dance hall performance. After strutting around the neighborhood, he and Franklin go into the dance hall and find a group of people dancing and dances for them to wild applause, accompanied by the title song “Flashbeagle”, inspired by the song “Flashbunny”.

Three days later, Sally takes Snoopy to one of her “Show and Tell” sessions at school. Inside the classroom, everything is fine until 555 95472 turns on a boom box and “Flashbeagle” begins to play, and the classroom becomes an imprompted disco, including the guests stars. Sally is mortified at first, but eventually joins in the fun. After school, Charlie Brown insists he should change Snoopy’s behavior but Sally says, “You just leave him alone. That’s the first time I’ve ever got an A in Show and Tell.”


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