Though billed in various press releases as a “time travelling scientist,” the lead character in this Terrytoons produced cartoon series actually just appeared in various time frames as a person of the period and not a bona fide time traveler(in a shameless rip-off on the segment of Sherman and Peabody from The Bullwinkle Show).

Hector Heathcote was a diminutive,eager,and clumsy American patriot whose misadventures typically though not exclusively took place during the Revolutionary War. Wearing a hat and usually playing a drum,Hector usually found himself helping his country in some unlikely comic fashion. His pet dog’s name was Winston. Other components of this series were two previously released theatrical animated shorts of the early 1960’s(basically released theatrically through the CBS Films’ Terrytoons division which was released also under the subsidiary of the Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation)were as was “Hector” were the characters of “Hashimoto” and “Sidney The Elephant”. Hashimoto was a concerned with somewhat a stereotyped Japanese mouse telling tales about his wife Hanako and their children Yuriko and Saburo to American G.I. Joe. Sidney,on the other hand was a middle-aged pachyderm who acted like a panicky child and who had to be handled with care by his pals Stanley the lion,and Cleo the giraffe. In some of the Sidney shorts,the lead character was voiced by Lionel Wilson. Other voices for the characters were by the Terrytoons stock-players featuring the talents of John Myhers and Dayton Allen. Allen was also the voices for Terrytoons’ characters like Heckle and Jeckle and also Deputy Dawg.

As far as the series went,only 12 episodes were produced all in color with some of the theatrical material added in were shown on Saturday Mornings on NBC-TV from September 5,1963 until September 25,1965. The executive producer of this series was Bill Weiss,who was the head honco of the animated division of Terrytoons. However,in surely was one of the oddest transactions ever in the history of television,CBS Films’ Terrytoons division sold this cartoon to a rival network NBC for its two year run,while CBS kept Mighty Mouse and Heckle & Jeckle and even Deputy Dawg on the network. Ironically,the series aired just before Terrytoons’ biggest hit,”The Mighty Mouse Playhouse” which was on CBS during its first season. To make it more interesting,the animated shorts featuring Mighty Mouse,Heckle & Jeckle,and Deputy Dawg were still running during that time in the theatres and on TV.


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