Savage Sam is the 1963 film sequel to Old Yeller written by Fred Gipson. It was inspired by the story of former Apache captive Herman Lehmann, whom Gipson had seen give an exhibition when he was a child.

Norman Tokar directed the live-action film, which was released by Walt Disney on June 1, 1963.

Savage Sam is Old Yeller’s son (although he was called “Young Yeller” in the movie and also looked different). He is a Bluetick Coonhound, and every bit as courageous and loyal as his father, as well as an incredibly keen tracker. Sam mostly likes chasing a bobcat, sometimes with Arliss.

Brian Keith plays the boy’s Uncle Beck (referred to as the younger brother of Jim Coates) who comes by to check on how the boys are doing and gives advice to Travis on how to handle Arliss a little better. (“All little brothers hate bossin’. You’ve got to learn how to outfigger him, Travis,”)

Travis, Arliss, and their neighbor’s daughter, Lisbeth Searcy (Marta Kristen) are taken captive by Indians. Uncle Beck gathers up some neighboring men to go in search of them, which includes Lisbeth’s somewhat overbearing father, Bud Searcy (once again played by Jeff York) and Slim Pickens joins the group as well. Travis manages to escape and is found by the search party (partly thanks to Sam’s keen sense of smell), and the whole search party, along with Travis and Savage Sam, rescue Arliss and Lisbeth.

The film received poor reviews and fell short of box office expectations, paling in comparison with Old Yeller.

Pat Hogan appears as tribesman Broken Nose. Dean Fredericks, formerly Steve Canyon on NBC, played a Comanche chief in this film.


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