This one was released on RCA Records in 1970 “Ed Devereaux Sings & Tells The Story Of Skippy The Bush Kangaroo”

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo is an Australian television series for children created by John McCallum, produced from 1966–1968, telling the adventures of a young boy and his intelligent pet kangaroo, in the (fictional) Waratah National Park in Duffys Forest, near Sydney, New South Wales.

Ninety-one 30-minute episodes were made over the three seasons of production. At the time of first screening, Australian television was still in black and white, however, the show was filmed in colour on 16 mm film to increase its international marketability, especially in the United States and Canada, where it aired in syndication between 1969 and 1972. The Nine Network readily repeated the series several times after Australian television switched to colour transmission in 1975.

The series was dubbed into Spanish in Mexico, where it is known as Skippy el canguro, and has been distributed to most Spanish-speaking countries, including Cuba and Spain, where it became very popular. The series crossed the Iron Curtain and was aired in Czechoslovakia in the 1970s and 1980s, and is still being broadcast in Iran. The show was forbidden to be shown in Sweden, where psychologists feared the show would mislead children into believing animals could do things they actually could not.

Ed Devereaux (27 August 1925 – 17 December 2003) was an Australian actor, who lived in the UK for many years. He was best known for playing the part of “Matt Hammond” in the Australian children’s television series Skippy. He was also involved in the series behind the scenes: Devereaux directed The Veteran (1969), for which he received much critical acclaim. He also wrote the script. Devereaux based the story of Double Trouble on an idea conceived by his children, wrote the screenplay of Summer Storm and wrote the script of The Mine.

Devereaux appeared as Mr. Gubbins in the 1963 British comedy movie Ladies Who Do and in several Carry On films including Carry On Sergeant, Carry On Nurse, Carry On Regardless, Carry On Cruising and Carry On Jack.

He also appeared as Thomas Macaulay in series 5 of The Onedin Line and as Mac in the British comedy series Absolutely Fabulous and in The Professionals (episode ‘Runner’) & The Sweeney (‘Jackpot’). In 1964 he appeared in the Saint episode “The Loving Brothers”

Devereaux’s first wife was Irene Champion. Together they had four children: John b. 1954, Steven b. 1955, Timothy b. 1956 and Matthew b. 1962. She wrote the song for the Skippy spin-off movie The Intruders in 1969. Ed and Irene separated in 1986.

Three months after he was diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus, Devereaux died in his sleep of renal failure at his Hampstead home, at the age of 78, on 17 December 2003. He had insisted on being released from Royal Free Hospital to be at home with Julie, his second wife of 17 years. He was cremated at the Golders Green Crematorium, where his ashes remain.


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