Rainbow Brite was a character franchise introduced by Hallmark Cards in 1983, with the animated television series starting the following year.

Rainbow Brite made her animated debut in a syndicated prime-time special, “Peril in the Pits,” first aired on June 27, 1984. Two more two-part specials were subsequently made, “The Mighty Monstromurk Menace” and “The Beginning of Rainbowland.”

In April 1986, Rainbow Brite became a regular series, as part of DIC’s weekly syndicated Kideo TV block; eight new episodes were made for this run. Rainbow Brite remained part of the Kideo TV lineup until May 1987.

1.Color Symphony
2.Paint a Rainbow
4.Rainbow Inside
5.Rainbow Land
6.Starlite Rainbow Brite
7.The Pits
8.Twink of an Eye
9.Bink Bonk


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  1. Jay Wittman says:

    Hello, I am seeking a record/story record it had a picture of toy boat people include i think somewhere a toy boat. It was a story of these toy people and their adventures and at on time they were sucked down a bath tub drain pipe


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