Hear See Do is a Hanna Barbera Record of Safety.

Contains 36 original soundtrack recordings of:

Wilma Flintstone Quick Draw McGraw Yogi Bear
Top Cat Snagglepuss Peter Potamus
Barney Rubble Touche Turtle Magilla Gorilla
Wally Gator Dixie Fred Flintstone
Huckleberry Hound Boo Boo Bear Riccochet Rabbit
Lippy The Lion So So Augie Doggie
Yakky Doodle Duck Snooper Elroy Jetson


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  1. john says:

    I think you’re tired of hearing from me. 😉 I don’t remember which one, but 1 of the songs is a double of another, I will play it back & let you know which one. Again thank you for ALL THE GREAT STUFF YOU POST HEAR!!!!!!!!!!

    • boutje777 says:

      Hello. No, i never get tired of someone who comments on one of my blogs. Thanks for letting me know, i don’t have the time to listen to all tracks en songs separately so there always can be a mistake somewhere.

      • john says:

        I take the tracks & break em up. I will let you know the “number” & title when I get home tonight. Again, great stuff!

      • john says:

        Tracklist .

        A1 The Safe Way To School
        A2 Don’t Ride With Strangers
        A3 How To Ride A Bike
        A4 Obey The Safety Patrol
        A5 Walking Where No Sidewalks Exist
        A6 Lock Car Doors
        A7 Don’t Take Chances
        A8 Don’t Throw Stones
        A9 Don’t Play With Strange Animals
        A10 Walk, Don’t Run
        A11 Don’t Play With Matches
        A12 Keep Arms Inside Car And Bus
        A13 Be Careful On Skateboards
        A14 Be Careful With Knives, Scissors And Sharp Objects
        A15 Keep Toys Off The Floor
        A16 Don’t Run With Things In Your Mouth
        A17 Store Poisons Properly
        A18 Green Means Go, Red Stop
        B1 Safety At Night, Wear White
        B2 Play In A Safe Place
        B3 Enter And Leave Cars On Curb Side
        B4 Wet Hands And Electricity Don’t Mix
        B5 Never Step From Behind Parked Cars
        B6 Cross Streets At Corners
        B7 Watch For Cars In Driveways
        B8 Fasten Seat Belts, Don’t Stand Up
        B9 Never Swim Alone
        B10 Stop, Look, Listen
        B11 Use Lights And Reflectors On Bicycles
        B12 Don’t Play In Streets
        B13 Look Both Ways Before Crossing Streets
        B14 Correct Signals For Riding A Bike
        B15 Don’t Ride Double On A Bike
        B16 Remove Skates Before Crossing Streets
        B17 Don’t Run Around Swimming Pools
        B18 Prevent Forest Fires

        Track 11 is a repeat of track 1

  2. boutje777 says:

    Thanks, i will take a look if it’s a mistake made by me with converting the files so i can correct it, or it is a mistake in general and i downloaded it that way and there is nothing i can do to correct it. I will let you know today or tomorrow.

    • boutje777 says:

      It’s like this on the drive where i stored the musicfiles and i can’t recall on which site i found this in the 1st place. All music on this blog are found on sites splattered around the internet and some i downloaded 5 or more years ago. Thanks for your work and sorry i can’t correct this.

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