Heidi was a “Pocketbook” line of small dolls (about 5 1/2″ tall, vinyl). Heidi had a jointed neck, shoulders, hips, with a button on her tummy that when pushed, flips her arm up to say “HI”. Heidi was blonde with rooted saran hair, long, straight with bangs. Painted face.

Heidi was soon joined by her Japanese friend JAN, her Tomboy gay friend SPUNKY ( short reddish bubble cut hair style), and then the line extended to smaller siblings PIP & HILDY, and two male dolls (smaller like Pip & Hildy) HERBY and BILLY. Billy is a brunette version of Herby, but comes in a different fashion. The smaller line of siblings did NOT wave. Asian Jan has black hair and an added, rooted in little ponytail on one side, which is often cut. There is also an African American Heidi.

Heidi later WINKED when her button was pressed. This doll has sleep eyes. Then she combined all her talents for one last issue, offering a GROWING HEIDI version that when pulled you could increase her height at the waist, as well as her neck and make her over an inch taller. She had the sleep-eyes AND she now came with wigs! A platinum blonde wig that was her signature style as well as a platinum bubble-cut wig with red hair ribbon. Growing (Sleep eyes) Heidi had a new GROWING SALLY friend, she featured a new head mold, a bit larger than Heidi, and came with a red YARN Raggedy Ann style wig as well as a platinum bubble cut wig like Heidi! GROWING SALLY had a much larger head than Heidi, but both had wigs.

Heidi meets Hansel & Gretel, The big Bad Wolf and much much more!


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