Here No Evil, a predominantly New South and roots rock tribute to the Monkees, was released on an Atlanta, GA, label and displays a distinct regional sensibility. Contributors include Peter Holsapple (“You Just May Be the One”), Mitch Easter (a great version of “Valleri” on which he plays all the instruments), Bob Rupe (not too long after he had left the Silos), and what may have been the last appearance of the Chant. The Vulgar Boatmen provide a strummy rendition of “The Kind of Girl I Could Love,” and Magnapop turns “Pleasant Valley Sunday” into a crunchy rocker. Many of the artists are local and/or unknown, and the song list is unusual — no one remakes “I’m a Believer” or “Words,” for example. Here No Evil was made a couple of years before Rhino reissued all of the Monkees’ original albums, which may account for something. In any case, Here No Evil is interesting for its handful of rarities rather than its overall quality.

1.The Day We Fall in Love – Deacon Lunchbox
2.Take a Giant Step – The Chant
3.St. Matthew – Bob Rupe Band
4.Last Train to Clarksville – Big Fish Ensemble
5.Pleasant Valley Sunday – Magnapop
6.Valleri – Mitch Easter
7.The Door into Summer – Pat Johnson and the Wellsprings of Hope
8.Circle Sky – The Diggers
9.You Just May Be the One – Peter Holsapple
10.Mr. Webster – Anne Richmond Boston
11.Let’s Dance On – The Doll Squad
12.Sweet Young Thing – Opium Hello
13.The Kind of Girl I Could Love – Vulgar Boatmen
14.What Am I Doing Hangin’ Round? – Those Big Belt Buckles
15.A Little Bit Me, a Little Bit You – Cruisin’
16.Randy Scouse Git – Live Bait
17.Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day – Larry Joe Miller & the Rockabilly Rockets
18.Gonna Buy Me a Dog – Boise and Moss with a Side of Hamm
19.You Told Me – Multi-Color House
20.Daydream Believer – Man Size Job
21.(Theme from) The Monkees – The Flying Subs


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