1.What Am I Doing?
2.Rosie, the Little Red Car
3.The Teddy Bear Song
4.I Wish I Had a
5.Window Wishing
6.How Does Your Garden Grow
7.The Little Red Schoolhouse
8.Felix the Cat
9.Dressing Up
10.The Bicycle Tricycle Song
11.What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up
12.The Holiday Train
13.The Horse in Striped Pajamas
14.Blinkey the Traffic Light
15.Mr. McGee
16.The Little Train
17.My How You’ve Grown
18.The Little Brown Bunny
19.Music Lesson
20.Willy, the Billy Goat
21.It’s Fun to Swim
22.Back to School
23.I Want to Meet Santa Claus
24.The Story of Christmas


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