Classics Illustrated Space Stories and Sounds LP.

Bill Stern & Bill Simon.


The First Men In the Moon,
War of the Worlds,
The Time Machine,
Journey to the Center of the Earth

Each of these 4 stories is only approximately 8 minutes long so they are definitely abridged versions! Bill Stern’s ringing, dramatic voice is the perfect conduit for these comic book stories adapted to audio adventures.

SPACE STORIES AND SOUNDS is most certainly from the 1950s and features 4 science fiction stories adapted from H.G. Wells as featured in “Classics Illustrated” magazine. The stories are narrated by Bill Stern who was a nationally-known sportscaster with his own radio show in the golden age of radio. Stern announced the first ever remote sports broadcast on radio and the first televised Major League Baseball game. The music on this album is by Bill Simon.


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