“Tomorrow on the Children’s Corner” with Fred Rogers and Josie Carey.

It’s a complete adventure, with a song from Henrietta Pussycat that’s
90% “meow,” upbeat numbers, a sweet lullaby in English and French, an
affirmative song from X the Owl, “You’re Special,” which is later echoed
off-key by Lady Elaine Fairchild as “I’m Special” (with the memorable
line “I’m a broken tooth, darling”), and many more. Most of the
characters on his long-running PBS show are there. We never hear “Mr.
Rogers” himself, but Fred Rogers does all the voices except for Josie
Carey’s as the real-life visitor to the land of Make-Believe.

1.It’s Morning
2.I Like You
3.What Would You Like
4.There’s a Smile
5.I’m Busy Being Busy
6.Where Did You Go, Tomorrow?
7.I’m Looking for a Friend
8.It Makes Handsome
9.Find a Star
10.Fine Feathered Friend
12.Meow Mr. Rogers
13.You’re Special
14.Where Did You Go?
15.I’m Special
16.Nocturne Duet
17.At Friday’s Palace
18.Finale: Tomorrow


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