Betsy McCall was announced in April of 1951 and first appeared on the pages of McCall’s magazine in May, 1951. Nosy, her six-month old dachshund, is seen with her in that first issue. The next month, June of 51, she is joined by her mother, Mrs. McCall (no first name known), her father, Mr. James McCall appeared in July and and Cousin Barbara, who is Betsy’s age, followed in August. Through the years other various siblings, cousins, friends and pets became a part of her adventures. Some of these people include cousins Linda, Barbara and Sandy McCall. There were also friends Jimmy Weeks, Drusilla or Dru, and Suki. At one time, in the Christmas issue, December 62, she is standing in the snow in front of their house. We feel she lived somewhere near New York City as many of her activites take place there. In October 72 though, she lived in a white house with a picket fence in Santa Barbara, California.

Canadian American Records Ltd.

The bus ride to school
Meeting the teacher
Learning months of the year
Songs and games


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