Deputy Dawg is a Terrytoons cartoon character featured on the animated television series of the same name.

The Deputy Dawg television series first ran, on a weekly basis, from September 8, 1962 to May 25, 1963, with no episodes on December 8 to December 29, 1962, resuming on January 5, 1963. The British TV debut came on BBC TV on Saturday, 31 August 1963. The cartoons are between four and six minutes long, and were packaged three at a time and shown as a half-hour program. The show was produced by CBS and was the professional animation debut of Ralph Bakshi (as inbetweener) of Fritz the Cat fame. There were also six additional titles that were released theatrically, for show in cinemas and which were not part of the original TV package.

The character of Deputy Dawg (a dog) is a deputy sheriff in the State of Florida, of the United States. As the episodes progressed, the location changed to Mississippi, and later to Tennessee. The other main characters are the ‘varmints’ Muskie Muskrat, Moley Mole, Possible ‘Possum, Ty Coon, Vincent van Gopher, Pig Newton, and Dawg’s boss the Sheriff, as well as Mrs. Deputy. Deputy Dawg was voiced by Dayton Allen, a prolific Hollywood voice actor who voiced many Terrytoons characters in television and theatrical shorts in the 1950s and 1960s.

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