In 1964 there debuted a series of drink mixes called Funny Face. They had cool mascots like Goofy Grape, Loudmouth Lime, Rootin’ Tootin’ Raspberry, and more. They were even sugar free! How could a great idea like this go wrong? Well, the reason they were sugar free was that they were sweetened with cyclamates, which were eventually banned by the FDA because they caused cancer in rats. The drinks came back, sweetened with saccharine (which wasn’t declared a bad thing yet), but I don’t think they ever recovered, and so we’re left with Kool Aid. A freakin’ pitcher with a face drawn on it. He didn’t even have stubby arms and legs back then! Man, what were we thinking? I think we were coerced by Kool Aid spokespeople like Bugs Bunny and the Monkees.

Anyway, this record was a premium from Funny Face. It features all the Funny Face characters at the time singing songs about themselves. Let’s drink it in, shall we?

First we have Goofy Grape performing “Howdee!” Boy, that Goofy Grape sure is goofy, ain’t he?


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  1. captbilly says:

    I’m so happy, I could cry. THAN YOU SOOO MUCH for doing this!

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