A Mirror for Futility/The Time Stealer

PUBLICATION: Star Trek: A Mirror for Futility/The Time Stealer, Power Records, 1976

CREATORS: Alan Dean Foster and possibly Cary Bates (writers), Neal Adams and unknown, but at times looks like John Buscema (artists)

STARDATE: 5470 and 6134.6 respectively

PLOT: In A Mirror for Futility, the Enterprise finds itself in the crossfire between two sentient ships fighting their long-dead masters’ last war now for 150,000 years. Though Kirk tries to bluff them with a non-existent fleet of UFP ships, it doesn’t change anything. They no longer trust anything, certainly this bluff from a ship that might as well come from the other side. The Enterprise leaves them locked in combat… for eternity.

In The Time Stealer, the Enterprise investigates a time-slowing phenomenon that seems to pass by a planet from time to time. Its inhabitants beam over from a magic-driven ship – a barbarian and a wizard! Their civilization came from Earth long ago, but has been stuck in its Middle Ages because of the time-slowing effect. Spock and the wizard work together to cast a mindmeld spell that uses all thoughts of all inhabitants of the planet to short-circuit the sentien phenomenon’s mind. It works, and Spock catches two twists in a row: The creature is a baby (which they tow to a safe distance) and the Earth civilization was Atlantis.


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