Superman: The Mxyzptlk Up Menace (1975)
Label: Power Records (a Division of Peter Pan Industries)
33 1/3 vinyl record.

An imp from the fifth dimension takes the vowels away from the citizens of Metropolis.



4 responses »

  1. Anthony says:

    I was wondering if you also had the “books” that were part of the Book & Record sets such as this Superman…

    • boutje777 says:

      I am sorry to say that i don’t have this book, i wish i had.

      • Anthony says:

        I was using this one as an example… Do you have any of the books from the different Book & Record sets that you are sharing? It’s ok if you don’t but I am cuious.

    • boutje777 says:

      I am afraid not, if i have them i will always place them along with the records.

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