Label: Motivation Records (3) ?– MR 0314
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: US
Released: 1961
Genre: Pop, Children’s
Style: Educational

Tracklist .

What Is Energy (Part 1) 0:58
Grand Coulee Dam (How Energy Changes Form) 1:46
E-lec-tri-city 3:13
Engines (Mechanical Energy) 1:14
Solar Energy 1:50
Energy In Roundabout Ways 2:26
What Is Energy (Part 2) 0:59
Kinetic And Potential Energy 1:56
Jets (Action And Reaction) 1:35
Ultra Violet And Infra Red 2:30
What Is Chemical Energy 2:37
How Do We Measure Energy 1:06
Motion, Motion Everywhere 2:02
Thumbnail Sketch Of Atomic Energy 1:43

Concept By [Created], Producer – Hy Zaret
Cover [Art], Design – Leo Lionni
Directed By – Hecky Krasnow
Lyrics By, Text By – Hy Zaret
Music By – Lou Singer
Orchestra – Tony Mottola Orchestra
Research [Science Consultant] – Hy Ruchlis


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