Disneyland Records

Year 1964

Happy Birthday and Songs for Every Holiday is a 1964 Disneyland Records album featuring songs about birthday parties and other holidays.

Side 1

1.Holidays – Mouseketeer Ensemble
2.Valentine Waltz – Darlene
3.St. Patrick’s Day – Mouseketeer Ensemble
4.April Fool – Jimmie Dodd
5.It’s Easter Time – Mouseketeer Ensemble
6.Your Mother and Mine – Jimmie Dodd
7.My Pa – Darlene

Side 2

1.Happy Birthday – Mouseketeer Ensemble
2.Liberty Tree – Vocal Chorus
3.Trick or Treat – Karen & Cubby
4.How Lucky We Are – Mouseketeer Ensemble
5.Kris Kringle – Jiminy Cricket
6.Happy New Year – Mouseketeer Ensemble


2 responses »

  1. Mark Williams says:

    did you know that the last song happy new year cuts off before they say happy holidays

    • boutje777 says:

      No i did not know, i don’t listen and check all mp3’s for errors, that would be too time consuming. But thanks for mentioning it.

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