Artists: Jimmie Dodd, Annette Funicello, The Mouseketeers and The Mouseketeers Chorus
Label: Disneyland
Country: United States
Format: 12″ Standard LP
Speed: 33 1/3 RPM
Audio: Stereo
Year: 1975

This record includes 21 hit Mouseketunes with special songs by Annette.

“The Mickey Mouse Club” is a Disney television show that first aired in October of 1955.

1. Mickey Mouse Club Opening March
2. Fun With Music
3. Today Is Tuesday
4. Anything Can Happen
5. Talent Roundup
6. Don’t Jump To Conclusions – Annette
7. Do Mi So
8. A Cowboy Needs A Horse
9. “Triple R” Song
10. Mickey Mouse March
11. The Mousekedance
12. Mickey Mouse Mambo
13. The Pussy Cat Polka
14. How Will I Know My Love – Annette
15. Mousekartoon Time
16. Happy Mouse
17. Hi To You
18. Meetin’ At The Malt Shop
19. Simple Simon
20. I’m No Fool (As A Pedestrian)
21. Stop, Look And Listen
22. Mickey Mouse March Theme (Alma Mater)


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