Sesame Street songs from – Peter Pan Orchestra and Chorus

This Peter Pan record was intended to capitalize on the success of Sesame Street, described on the record jacket as a “revolutionary new television program,” without paying a penny to the show’s creators. The selected songs do not include the copyrighted theme song “Sunny Days (Sweeping the Clouds Away),” focusing instead on numbers used by the show that were already familiar from other sources: “Feelin’ Groovy (59th Street Bridge Song),” “Yellow Submarine,” “Swinging on a Star,” “Up, Up and Away.” Listeners should not expect to hear the voices of their favorite Sesame Street characters. Instead, the songs are performed by the uncredited Peter Pan Orchestra and Chorus, which consists of three or four mediocre singers, an organ, drums, and a bass guitar. The record jacket implies a connection to the show (though it does contain a fine print disclaimer that it is “not affiliated with the TV program”) by including pictures of Muppet-like creatures that look sort of, but not entirely, like Sesame Street
characters. There are shoddy approximations of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, as well as a horribly muted version of Ernie with green hair, a purple nose, and an orange stripe across his face. This record consists of campy ’70s cheese that doesn’t hold a candle to the official Children’s Television Workshop releases.


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