1. The Woodpecker; 2. The Old Gray Goose; 3. The Tiger; 4. The Little Cat; 5. The Camel; Soprano and orchestra;
1. Dancing Stars; 2. Little Wind; 3. The Moon’s Lullaby; Soprano and orchestra;
1. Oh, Daddy Be Gay; 2. Shanghai Chicken; 3. Hop Up, My Ladies; 4. Knock Along, Brother Rabbit; Baritone and orchestra; Soprano and orchestra;
1. Two In The Middle; 2. Lilly, Lilly Wallflower; 3. One Day One Foot Kept Moving; 4. The Old Brass Wagon; Soprano and orchestra; Baritone and orchestra;
1. Busy Trucks; 2. The Allee Allee O!; 3. Let’s Take A Little Trip; 4. Here Comes The Train; Baritone with orchestra;
1. Playing Fireman; 2. Mister Barber; 3. Mister Policeman; 4. Community Helpers; Baritone and orchestra; Soprano, Baritone & Orch.;
1. Dance, Thumbkin, Dance; 2. My Mother Sent Me; 3. Little Marionettes; 4. Counting Song; Soprano and orchestra;
1. Philippine Lullaby; 2. Hey-Ho, Anybody Home?; 3. The Lonesome Dove; Soprano and orchestra.


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