Sharon Lois and Bram – Smorgasbord

Year 1979

Peanut Butter 1:08
Head ‘n Shoulders, Baby 1:45
Hold ‘Im Joe 1:19
Three Little Monkeys 0:43
Did You Feed My Cow? 1:56
Long-Legged Sailor 0:44

Newfoundland Jig Medley (2:24)
Lot’s Of Fish In Bonavist’ Harbour
Kelligrews Soiree
I’s The B’y

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt 0:25
Jenny Jenkins 2:12
“A” You’re Adorable 2:40
Hobo’s Lullaby 2:24
Hey Dum Diddeley Dum 2:50
Smorgasbord 1:25
Sur Le Pont D’Avignon / Le Siecle Du Vin 2:25
Chirri Bim 1:49
Dan, Dan The Dirty Old Man 0:10
Father Papered The Parlour 1:59
Rags 1:46
Dirty Old Bill 0:10
Cheerio 1:24
Che Che Koolay 2:00
Mango Walk 2:09
Riding Along (Singing A Cowboy Song) 2:26
Michael Finnegan 0:14
Little Sally Saucer 3:14
Train Is A-Comin’ 2:08


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