Sing Children Sing – Songs of the Congo

Year 1980

Mwana Ou Dila, Mwana Fioti
Kwanga (Cassava)
Kissi (Teke – Sibiti Ritual Dance)
Koko (Grandpa)
Loumbou Kimossi (One Day)
Piyo (The Cold)
Mvule Ya Beto (The Year Of The Child)
Ndeke Moko (The Bird), Berceuse (Lullaby In Vili)
Mama Ndele (Mother Ndele)
Me A Nde Ne Odzimini (I Can Never Forget)
Nzango (Game For Young Girls)
Me Ndiri Djukuti (I’ve Eaten, I’m Back In Form)
Bateke Alima (Traditional Dance And Singing)
Landa Ka Ndzela L’Ecole (Never Forget The Way To School)
Ku Kitsie Tsie (A Place)
Ndzela Massini (The Railway)

“A production of the National Committee for the International Year of the Child in the People’s Republic of the Congo with the assistance of UNICEF”


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