This blog is dedicated to old children’s records. You will find many children related records.

All is converted into 1 mp3 and can be listened to with every mp3-player. The quality is pretty good overall.
Most of them is from the time-area 1950-1980.
It’s not with any commercial purposes, just to share old children related vinyl with others.

I found all these on the internet, from different sources : forums, sites, usenet, archive, torrents.

I did not record them just collected everything.

When everything is done there will be well over 1000 records on this blog.
Educational, cartoons, music, stories, cowboys, heroes and other themes.

Click the little covers at the sidebar to access the page for the information and download.

Thanks to the recorders and original uploaders.

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  1. Tim Griffith says:

    Wanted to download Mickey’s Christmas Carol but said file is gone & can’t download it.

  2. Tim Griffith says:

    The file for Irwin The Disco Duck In The Navy isn’t working.

    • boutje777 says:

      Thanks for letting me know, that file was old, the downloadsite doesn’t even exist anymore. I replaced the link. Thanks to people like you i can keep my blogs up to date, because i don’t have the time to check all the files once in awhile for existence. So for everyone reading this, don’t hesitate to let me know if a link isn’t working anymore so i can take the proper action.

  3. Do you have the Young People Guide to Classical Music”/ This album was released on the Bluebird Label (of RCA) and featured Duo Pianists (I think) Whitmore and Lowe.

  4. Deborah Thomas says:

    I’ve been trying to find a record from either the 1970s or the 1980s with the children’s story, “The Old Witch,” written by Joseph Jacobs. I can’t remember if it was grouped with other stories, but it seems like it could have been. Have you heard of this one? We had a lot of fun listening to it. Thanks for your resources!

    • boutje777 says:

      Sorry to say i can’t help you with that one, i hope someone else can help you with this and i will pay attention to it when i am searching the internet.

  5. arthur says:

    Thank you for this wonderful website.
    It’s like the Alexandria Library of the vinyls!
    Thank you for all those wonderful discoveries

    • boutje777 says:

      You are welcome, it’s alot of fun making this blog also. Come back once in a while because i still have new uploads in the coming months, more then 300 to prepare and upload.

  6. arthur says:


    i’ve found few old rapidshare 😉
    I hope i’ve found all of them…
    I’m ready for the new 300….

    January 2013
    Dennis the Menace – Little Josey –
    Heidi – The story of –
    Sleeping Beauty Original Soundtrack –

    May 2013
    Little Lame Prince –
    Snow Drop and the Seven Dwarfs –

    July 2013
    Ghostly Sounds –
    Little Black Sambo –
    Little Orley – Big Concert –
    Little Orley – The Bubble Gum –
    Peter and the Wolf – Kiddieland Records –
    Robin Hood – Talespinner –

    October 2013
    Danny Kaye tells 6 stories from far away places –
    Flick the little fire engine –
    George Washington Rabbit –
    Grumpy Shark –

    November 2013
    Irving the unemployed horse –
    Little Fiddle –
    Little Toot –
    Little tune that ran away –
    Littlest Stork –

    March 2014
    Fuzzy Wuzzy – Rosemary Clooney –

    June 2014
    Heidi Pocketdoll – Adventures in Fairyland –

    September 2014
    Hot Rod Granny –

    That’s all folks…

  7. arthur says:


    Thanks you very much for all of those great vinyls!

    i hope you are goint to continu to give us more, as you said you have 300 more.

    we are ready for them, winter is comming and we are goint to have enought time to play all of them.


  8. arthur says:

    It’s Oktober Fest !!!
    Thank you very much

  9. Daniel Cherney says:

    About 40% of the album icons on the left side do not seem to be loading despite multiple reload attempts. I just found your amazing site and am very excited. I have a ggod computer with a good internet connection. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • boutje777 says:

      Thanks for letting me know.
      I am afraid i don’t have a clue, this is the first time i hear of such thing.
      Can you give a few examples from these that don’t load so i can see for myself.

  10. arthur says:

    May be try with another browser Firefox, chrome, opera
    for me all is working well with firefox

  11. arthur says:


    Joyeux Noel à tous et toutes..

    Are we going to have surprise for December?

    Many Thanks

    Je vous souhaite à tous et toutes de Joyeuses Fetes.

    • boutje777 says:

      I try to make 2 last updates for this year next week. I dont think i have much leftovertime this month, always a busy month at work and at home.

  12. arthur says:


    Merci beaucoup et JOYEUX NOEL A TOUTES ET TOUS

  13. Arthur says:

    Je vous souhaite a tous une bonne et Heureuse nouvelle Année 2017

  14. arthur says:


    Merci pour ces nouvelles pépites.

  15. Dick York says:

    Great blog. Perhaps you or your viewers can help me out. I am trying to identify some children fairy tales ,I believe 78’s sold about 1970-75 that had Groucho Marx noted as the narrator. There were several that had his name was not credited on the record or sleeve, but immersed in the summaries, He was not noted on the main information. Can’t identify the record company he did them for. My daughter had several and he did a great job.

  16. Henro says:

    Hi boutje777,

    Thank you for all your amazing music and comics blogs! I found a couple of records that I had as a child that I forgot I had until I saw the covers; it was fun to hear them again.

    I found your blog while looking for “Greyfriars Bobby” on Disneyland records (I believe it was a Disney film in 1961). If you have it somewhere on the blog and I missed seeing it, please let me know. It was my brother’s favorite as a child. Here is the cover:

    Thank you for any help and again for your amazing blog.

    • boutje777 says:

      You are welcome, i am sorry to say that the record you mentioned is not on the blog, i will look out for it and when i find it i will place it on the blog offcourse.

      At least here is a little something.

      • Henro says:

        Thank you for your kind response! If I happen to locate it elsewhere, I will let you know.

  17. Monica says:

    Looking for a record, it was about good habits/manners she would tell a story then sing a song about the story. I remember one part of a song “a ring belongs around your finger not around the tub” another story was about a mom calling a child he ignored her but she wanted to share his favorite dessert with him

  18. Jennifer Center says:

    Hi my name is Jennifer and my father was an advent childrens record collector and he had a copy for every copy just in case one broke his records where like his baby and he died a few years ago and I am trying to downsize his collection he has well over 2000 childrens records in excellent condition and if you are interested in them or want more details please email at

  19. Tom Teresi says:


    I am searching for a set of 78RPM children’s records (1956) that accompanied the “Magic Mirror”. There are 20 Red Raven movie records in total. Do you happen to have any for sale? Email me and I can send a photo of the mirror and record.

    Looking forward to your responses!!


  20. Becky Lynn Cunningham-Reid says:

    Looking for an album from the 80’s I believe. It was called something like “Children’s Holiday Songs” It had a teddy bear on the cover waving an American flag possibly. It contained a song called “Trick or Treat” All songs were done by a children’s chorus. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • boutje777 says:

      I hope someone else can help you, because i am afraid i can’t. But i will look out when i am searching.

  21. Richard Claypool says:

    This is totally awesome! I just found Bambie, remember it from when I was a wee lad.

  22. Mark Kirker says:

    Great Collection! I’ve been trying to locate a version of Snow White and Rose Red which at one point has the children sing “Spring, Spring, hey-ho it’s Spring! What a truely wonderful thing is Spring…” and a song about polishing the copper kettle. Goes something like “make the dear old copper kettle shine, while it’s very very old, it can shine like gold, if we rub a dub dub rub a dub….” Does this sound familiar? Do you by chance have a copy or any clues as to who produced/released/featured on it? It may help my search!

    • boutje777 says:

      I am afraid i can’t help you with this, i hope some of the followers of this blog can. Did you try to use some of your clues in Youtube searching ? You will be amazed what comes up sometimes.

  23. Sue Hartman says:

    I’m looking for a recording about Native Americans and the coming of settlers. One song includes the words “Many moons long ago Indian brave live in forest, hunt deer, catch fish…many buffalo.” Another about railroads’ being built: “40 miles of track and you get an aching back on the O-O-O-O Ohio Line.” My family and I listened to this record in the 70s.

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