This blog is dedicated to old children’s records. You will find many children related records.

All is converted into 1 mp3 and can be listened to with every mp3-player. The quality is pretty good overall.
Most of them is from the time-area 1950-1980.
It’s not with any commercial purposes, just to share old children related vinyl with others.

I found all these on the internet, from different sources : forums, sites, usenet, archive, torrents.

I did not record them just collected everything.

When everything is done there will be well over 1000 records on this blog.
Educational, cartoons, music, stories, cowboys, heroes and other themes.

Click the little covers at the sidebar to access the page for the information and download.

Thanks to the recorders and original uploaders.

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  1. NOL LUV DI says:

    Thanks for all your work here. It’s saved me a considerable amount of time copying 45’s to my laptop.

    I’ve converted a few of the ones we had over here in NZ to video.

    I’ve just copied and uploaded a version of Snow White and Rose Red that was recorded for the Children’s Record Guilds that also existed in New Zealand and Australia.

    It’s, I think, a really good version. Feel free to add it to your collection if you wish. I’ll link to any other different ones as I go along.

  2. orion1052000 says:

    Looking for 33 rpm The Witch and the flying saucer 1975 readers digest. Great site! Wow!

  3. Leslie R says:

    Anyone have advice for finding a complete set of Bowmar Rhythms to Reading Record and Book Sets. I can find the books on etsy ebay etc. But the records I have not been able to find. Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated.

  4. boutje777 says:

    Small Update.

    The 4 original books that came with Planet of the Apes – 4 exciting stories.
    It’s on the downloadpage.

  5. Frederick says:

    What a great site. Job well done.

    I downloaded and listened to a few of your recordings that I remember from my childhood, and a few I don’t remember as well.

    One that I didn’t find, that I was looking for, is a story on an 45 I had in the late 1960s maybe early 1070s about some children that journey through space. It’s like the story in the Wynken, Blynken and Nod poem, but I remember there also being an antagonist character named Captain Scorpio who chases the children.

    I don’t recall if it was in verse, or song, or narrative form. I think narrative, by memories fade, so I’m not to be trusted on this.

    I hate to bother you with silly questions like this, so forgive me in advance—but any help is greatly appreciated.



    • boutje777 says:

      You are welcome. There are no silly questions only silly answers. But i am afraid i can’t help you with that story, i hope someone else remember it.

    • I can help you here.

      The story in question was, in fact, a musical narrative version of the poem “Wynken, Blynken and Nod”, from Peter Pan Records. Originally released on the company’s Rocking Horse label (the LP entitled “The Wizard of Oz and Other Children’s Favorites”) in 1964.

      • Frederick says:


        You’re absolutely right! That’s the recording. Its full title is “The Further Adventures Of Wynken, Blynken And Nod,” which explains why the regular poem “Wynken, Blynken And Nod” doesn’t include Captain Scorpio.

        There’s an online recording of it here:

        How did you know that? That’s impressive!


      • Good afternoon!

        I have several records containing the story!

        When you mentioned “Captain Scorpio” in your description, a few alarms went off in my head and the story started playing afterward.

        Thanks for the response!

  6. boutje777 says:

    I’ve opened a new blog “Vintage Vinyl” with all kind of albums from 1940-1965.

    It’s still a work in progress but there is enough allready to browse through.

  7. ERICA BECK says:

    This is so great! I stumbled on here, trying to find an old album from my childhood. It’s similar the the Childs Introduction to the Orchestra album, but this one i’m sure had songs on one side and one of the them was In The Hall Of The Mountain King. And on the other was introductions to instruments like the Bassoon. This is a great collection you have here! you have put in sooooo much work wow!

  8. sara says:

    Hi I’m looking for an old Christmas record that was a story about a mouse named horace. I had it in the early 1980’s. I have no idea what it was called. I only remember the mouse named horace and there was mom and son. The son had to get decorations out of the garage I think??? Was my mom and my favorite holiday story to listen to….we have both been searching for years but have never found it….hoping someone else will remember it

  9. Cindy Park says:

    Help… trying to help my adult daughter find an album I had in mid 80’s. Prob From 1960’s or 1970’s. Her memory -it was a vinyl lp, she thinks man with deep voice telling story(s). The cover is what she remembers best. Mostly green, had a rainbow, a tree and a waterfall – also face of man or gnome..

    She’s been searching as have i. I have one I also looking for had sev stories including peter and the wolf, the garden, & story about a wall? I listened to it over and over again as child in 1960’s.
    Thank you!

  10. Bob says:

    Is there any way you can side me a bulk downnload link of EVERYthing on your blog? I am a major kids collector but this is gonna take me forever. 78’s 33’s everything. THnaks.

    • boutje777 says:

      No i am afraid not, there are only individual links, can you imagine what it took me to upload everything with covers and all and the information. I think you have to invest alot of time if you want it all.

  11. Jay Wharton says:

    Hello. I have been on a desperate search for an old childrens musical 33 LP. I believe it’s called “Old Mother Hubbard” and features album art of an old woman opening up a cupboard and a dog behind her on a medium to dark blue background. I believe its almost monochromatic. Blue background with white characters. The album is probably from the late 60s to early 70s and featured a very well rehearsed chorus of kids singing all the songs. Some of the songs from the album include:
    Michael Finnegan
    There’s a Hole
    Ol’ Joe Clark
    Old Mother Hubbard
    Oh What Did Delaware?
    Paper of Pins
    Old Mother Hubbard
    …and more.
    I want to share these gems with my daughter 😦 Anyone else know of this album?

  12. T rye says:

    I’m looking for a record from 60/70s it’s a story about a kid who goes to a land I think it’s called ‘ the land of nog ‘ maybe ‘zog’

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