This blog is dedicated to old children’s records. You will find many children related records.

All is converted into 1 mp3 and can be listened to with every mp3-player. The quality is pretty good overall.
Most of them is from the time-area 1950-1980.
It’s not with any commercial purposes, just to share old children related vinyl with others.

I found all these on the internet, from different sources : forums, sites, usenet, archive, torrents.

I did not record them just collected everything.

When everything is done there will be well over 1000 records on this blog.
Educational, cartoons, music, stories, cowboys, heroes and other themes.

Click the little covers at the sidebar to access the page for the information and download.

Thanks to the recorders and original uploaders.

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  1. Lori says:

    For nostalgia ive been trying to find a record that my brothers and i would listen to as very small children. The ONLY thing i can remember about it are the lyrics ” ugity glugity moon, ugity glugity june, ugh glug poo poo was the first song ever sung.”
    any chance you know what im talking about?
    Thanks in advance

    • boutje777 says:

      No sorry, i can’t help you, i hope someone else can.

      • Fran Greenfield says:

        I am interested in getting a copy of “What’s The Good Word?” A gentleman I used to work for many years ago in Brooklyn, New York was the lyricist, and I would love to be able to give it as a present to his children and grandchildren. Thank you for your kind
        consideration and cooperation. Sincerely, Fran G.

      • boutje777 says:

        Sorry, everything i have is on the site, and it’s all found somewhere on the web.

  2. Courtney says:

    I had a favorite story on a children’s record growing up but it just had the paper envelope to keep it in so no clue who produced it. Woulda been from late 80s-mid 90s. It was a guy telling the kids about ziggy (I BELIEVE, but may have been Zelda, definitely started with Z) the zebra and you had to call her name a few times, before she’d fly down out of the clouds to play, because she was shy. The whole thing was him telling her story & introducing her to the kids; no music. She never talked, maybe a few “neighs”, and there were a few musical sound effects at times. Does anyone have any idea what this story was called or the record’s name?

  3. Ron M. says:

    When I was a kid growing up in the early 1960s my parents would play an old record to help me remember things. It was the story about a little boy back in Greek times named “Forgetius”, who always forgot things. He was tasked with delivering a message, and of course he forgot it, until he used a method to remember. Can’t remember too much more about the story, but the record was pressed on a deep blue clear vinyl.

  4. Preston T says:

    First, I want to take a moment for all of your hard work in gathering these collections and sharing them with the world. I know that your time is valuable and your efforts are no small feat! Over the past few years, I’ve been working to build my own collection to share with my children and they have grown to love these treasures.
    I discovered your site last month and requested access to several files, but don’t believe I’ve been granted sharing access to my Gmail address – If you are able to share access to that address, I would be immensely grateful.
    Much love and respect!

    • boutje777 says:

      That is because some Googledrive files are messed up, if you can let me know which files give problems i make new links.

      • Preston T says:

        Thank you so much!

        Here are the following links that I am interested in that are requiring access to the Google Drive folder:

        Also, when downloading files from these links, it opens to a .EXE file rather than a .MP3. Attempting to convert the file further yields no results or anything playable:

        Again, I thank you for all of your efforts in your procurement and posting. I’m sure it is arduous, but you are giving the world a huge gift!

      • boutje777 says:

        I copied all links and will make new ones sometime today. About the exe files, those are Audiobooks that played automatically when you execute those.

      • Preston T says:

        You are a hero!
        I downloaded everything you re-uploaded this morning.
        Thank you again.
        I am attempting to play the .EXE files on my MAC, and it doesn’t auto execute those, for whatever reason.
        I can look into it, but would love the .MP3 formats.
        Don’t want to push my luck!

      • boutje777 says:

        You are welcome. I am afraid i can’t help you with the exe files, i found them this way and have no knowledge how to convert these. Perhaps you have another operating system, i use a windowsbased desktop and only have to click on the file and the book plays, i can choose to autoplay or manually turn the pages.

      • Preston T says:

        No worries. I will keep them and try them on a Windows machine sometime.
        Have a great day!

  5. Preston T says:

    Don’t mean to predate upon your kindness and responsiveness, but I thought I might check if you happened to have any of these other Halloween recordings:

    George S. Irving “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark by Alvin Schwartz” (Caedmon, TC1794, 1986)

    Milton DeLugg (The Vampires) “At The Monster Ball” (United Artists, UAL-3378, 1964)

    The Folktellers (Connie Regan & Barbara Freeman) “Chillers” (Mama T Artists, MTA-2, 1983)

    William Castle “Ghost Story: Thrilling, Chilling Sounds of Fright & the Supernatural” (Peter Pan, 8114, 1972)

    Sounds of Terror! (Pickwick SPC-5104, 1974)

    I’ve been building a collection over the past few years and would be happy to share any other pieces that I have procured, if there are any Halloween records you are looking for.

  6. Dave S says:

    For years, I’ve been looking for a record I remember from my childhood. I don’t see it here, but I hope someone will be able to point me in the right direction. It was a dramatized Bible story of Noah and the ark. The other side was the story of the Tower of Babel.

    I was born in ‘66, with four older siblings, so I’m guessing the record would have been from the 60’s or late 50’s. I have no idea as to the publisher or anything else. I would sure be appreciative of any help or suggestions anyone might have. Thank you!

  7. Gary says:

    Perhaps you’ve heard of “How the Man in the Moon Lost his Face?” It’s an Arabam Hall Story, like “Bubble and Squeak,” by Columbia Records. The music and narration are heartwarming and spooky at the same time. I’ve never heard or read anything like it in children’s literature. My brothers and I, though we haven’t heard it in decades, have almost the whole thing memorized.

  8. Donna Saxonis says:

    Hello! I’m looking for a 45 record called Today is Susan’s Birthday…it could be Happy Birthday Susan around 1978 or so. Thank you!!!

  9. Aleisha says:

    I am trying to find ghost in the castle. It is a kids game we have it burnt on a CD but do not know who made this kids song, game. Some of the lyrics are . There’s a ghost in spooky, spooky castle flying all around and then the ghost picks a witch flying on her broom. Can you help me find this ?

  10. Donna says:

    Hi… I am also looking for a record from my childhood. I thought it was called The Incredible Zoo Songs. But no luck yet!.. I just became a grandma and this record gave me so many wonderful fun memories. One of my favorites went like this:
    The elephant is very big
    But he just keeps on growing and just how tall he finally will be
    There is no way of knowing
    His skin has ample dimps
    So that he could grow into to it
    I’m glad I’m not an elephant
    I’d hate to stand and doze
    But most of all I know I wouldn’t like
    Is peanuts up my nose

  11. Mark K says:

    First of all, on behalf of everyone who visits your site “THANK YOU”! Your site helps brings back so many childhood memories that I can share with our daughter (and eventually grandchildren)!
    Having gone through a number of your links, many are working well, but some are on a google drive that requests permission access the folders. If you would be so kind as to forward your permission, it would be greatly appreciated!
    The most recent files are:
    Radio Shack Special Collectors Edition – We Wish You A Merry Christmas
    Shell’s wonderful world of music
    Roger Ramjet and the American Eagles
    Walt Disney’s Merriest Songs
    Thank you SO much!

  12. JESSICA LeClair says:

    Every christmas i look for this album of kids singing very seldom heard christmas songs. I remember one specifically about the true meaning of christmas about a little boy selling christmas trees and the true spirit of what christmas really means. A message we really need today. I would play this song over and over on my fisher price record player. Any ideas? Thanks for so many wonderful memories.

  13. JESSICA LeClair says:

    Also i have a bunchof kids stuff not on this blog. Do you want mp3 files and scans to post?

    • boutje777 says:

      Thanks for the offer. If you want to share something you always can upload it to any fileserver and leave the links in a comment, i will make sure they will have their own place on the blog when i find some time one day.

  14. JESSICA LeClair says:

    This one is rare The Talking Book Library The Audio Book Of Storytime Favorites. This is the first 16 RPM record for the blog. I bought a 16 RPM record player from eBay to do it right instead of using 33 RPM and slowing it down in software . These wete 2 7 inch records..

    • boutje777 says:

      Thank you very much, great work. I just download all and will save them for a next update when i have some more for this update.

  15. Paul says:

    Looking for the story of prudence pumpkin who grew in farmer browns pumpkin patch

  16. Why does this site let me download some records from this site, but not others?

    • boutje777 says:

      Can you specify which ones are not downloading ?

      • gordy6363 says:

        Can’t remember, but some do and some dont. At least 75 to 80% dont

      • boutje777 says:

        That is hard for me to check, some people have problems with Google drive, but that is something i can’t help. You have to take note of what the error says and search for a solution, it can be caused by different things. there are many sites that are helpful in finding solutions.

  17. boutje777 says:

    I am going to take a Summerbreak.
    It was a tradition that i take a break in the summermonths to
    have a chance to spend more time outside, cycling, taking pictures,
    walking, visit events, fishing, focussing on other things.
    The last 2 years that was not advisible, but now there are no longer
    Covid restrictions i will pick this up again.
    I will be looking at the blogs and make new links that are reported dead.
    And i will be answering questions in comments also if i can.
    That goes for all of my blogs.

  18. Susan says:

    I am looking for a vinyl children’s record, I believe from the 60s, that had songs about different dog breeds. Can you help?

  19. gordy6363 says:

    I would like to listen to any record on this site that I want to. But when I download some of them, they come up blank. I have an apple iPad 5th generation tablet. Do I need another device instead?

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